Dr. Edward Deming

Dr. Deming taught statistical methods to Japanese managers in the 1950's as part of the post-WWII reconstruction of Japan. He developed his 14 points to provide guidance to American Industry.


Dr. Deming's 14 Points

  • Create constancy of Purpose for the improvement of products and services-Ongoing and consistent is the key.

  • Adopt the new Philosophy-recognize that good enough is no longer good enough.

  • Cease dependence on mass inspection-Improve processes to produce quality products and services.

  • End the practice of awarding business on price tag alone

  • Constantly and forever improve products and services-Always look to make things better, involve people in the improvements.

  • Institute training on the job-Train, train, train. Continually update employees on new processes.

  • Institute leadership-The leaders role is to identify people's work, and create an environment where people may excel.

  • Drive out fear-Fear may prevent people from doing their best.

  • Remove barriers between departments-Identify the barriers and remove them.

  • Eliminate slogans-Slogans may create frustration and cynicism when not adhered to.

  • Eliminate work standards-Work standards are often set with no understanding of the work or appreciation of the persons conducting the work.

  • Remove barriers to pride and workmanship-People want to do well. Look for the barriers in the system and remove them.

  • Institute education-More than training, education imparts knowledge and the ability to think and reason.

  • Do it!-put everyone to work on the improvements. Learning and understanding will come with the experience.