Conference Magic
Corporate Magic

Performances include clear messages on a range of topics such as: Communication, Team Building, Teamwork, Focus, Making Improvements, and Change. Experiencing the unique combination of CQI facilitating skills with the art of magic, the audiences shares in a positive, uplifting, memorable event.

Keynote speaking, concurrent sessions, dinner magic, and walk-around magic at socials are among the experiences that Kry'sak Magic may offer for your conference. Thoughtful magic includes topics on; Listening, Taking Risks, Creativity, Focus, Change, Working Together and other improvement topics. Programs can be customized to meet your conference needs.

Kry'sak Magic offers training sessions for facilitators. Facilitators and trainers will explore the use of the Continuous Quality Improvement tools in a "magical" context. The participants will learn skills to enhance their abilities to communicate and develop project teams.


Kry'sak Magic has developed a unique workshop to teach the concepts of "building teams". Trainers, facilitators, team members and leaders will benefit from this 90 minute magically interactive learning experience. Participants will explore and learn the basic concepts and tools for developing people into effective teaming.


The magic of teaming-Teamagic©

CQI training for Project Facilitators
The Magic of building teams



Kry'sak Magic offers professional magic services with the purpose of sharing the message of working together towards a common goal, effective communication, mutual respect, giving to others and developing a positive outlook.