People working together to achieve a common goal can be a magical experience. Teamwork is the magic. Major improvements in quality and productivity often result from teams—a group of people combining their knowledge, skills and abilities. With effective leadership, the diversity of team member’s experiences can produce noteworthy outcomes.


In this 90 minute workshop, the audience will share in the magical experience of exploring key principles that are necessary for effective teams. The methods and principles in this workshop result from the hands-on experiences of many years of developing project teams.


Purpose of this workshop

Explore creative ways to develop effective teams


Expected Outcomes

Participants will:

  •   Become familiar with the basic elements of teaming

  •   Understand the significance of focus and communication

  •   Learn to use interactive activities (ie. magic, stories) to facilitate team development

  •   Have fun learning 


kind comments from participants: 

....fresh approach to working with people....your enthusiasm is contagious...these tools can work...I can do magic!, passionate, did you do the newspaper trick?...very entertaining/valuable resource perspectives on ways of building know how to ring in on the bottom line of each point....thank you, for making it kept my attention......don't change a thing, you were great....learning can be FUN!


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