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Work with Ideas


     I need to:                                                                                           Suggested Quality Tool:


  •  Brainstorm ideas and gather information                                   Affinity Diagram 



  •  Organize ideas or items                                                                 Affinity Diagram 


  •  See the influences between items                                                Interrelationship Diagraph


  •  Consider the relationships between sets of items                      Matrix Diagram 


  •  Find the cause and cures of my problems                                   Cause and Effect Diagram (Fishbone) 


  • Prioritize my actions                                                                        Prioritization Matrix 

                                                                                                                   Interrelationship Diagraph 


  • Identify the actions necessary to accomplish my goals               Tree Diagram 



  • Plan an activity                                                                                  Tree Diagram 



  • Map out the sequence of activities                                                  Activity Network Diagram 


  • Create a contingency plan                                                                Process Decision Program Chart 


  • Picture a process                                                                               Flowchart 


Work with Data



    I need to:                                                                                       Suggested Quality Tool:


  • Gather and count data                                                              Check sheet


  •  Identify the source of variation                                               Control sheet  


  •  See the positive and negative aspects of the situation        Force Field Analysis  


  •  Rank for consensus                                                                 Nominal Group Technique  


  •  Picture the major concerns                                                    Pareto Chart  


  •  Track trends over time                                                           Run Chart  

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